These are just a few of the urgent issues we face as a community and a country.


Climate Crisis

With floods, fires, and more threatening communities across Canada and around the world, we need a Federal government that understands the urgency and immediacy of this threat and responds to it with serious and decisive action.  The time for incremental change is past; we need to make real change, right now.


Clean Drinking Water for All

Clean drinking water should be a fundamental right for all; in our community, residents at Curve Lake First Nation have had drinking water advisories for years. it’s time to commit to lifting all boil water advisories across Canada and ensuring clean drinking water for all.



Peterborough – Kawartha is feeling the pinch of a housing crisis, and it’s time for the Federal government to get serious about building affordable, geared-to-income housing and supporting innovative housing solutions that fit our community – not a one-size-fits-all approach.


Opioid Crisis

With one of the highest opioid overdose  death rates in the province, our community has lost too many friends and family members to this crisis, and too many people are struggling.  Investing in safe consumption sites, and innovative strategies, as well as increasing access to mental health supports and other services.


Honouring Treaties and Build a Nation-to-Nation Relationship

It’s not enough to talk about Reconciliation; it’s imperative that the Federal government honour all existing treaties and work with First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people to repair the damage done and build a relationship that respects Indigenous sovereignty.